Been There Done That

Peoples, cultures and objects migrate. What’s the point of buying souvenirs on vacation when everyone can buy them on the internet?

Three figures are merged coarsely thanks to a 3D software and then 3D printed in order to shape a memory representing the confusion of globalisation and its harmful effects.

One could say ‘this is art for post-tourists’ or is it art for online tourists? The souvenirs are now rarely locally made. Tourists want souvenirs, craftsmen have responded to the growing demand, and have made changes in design of their products and have mass produced them to bring them more in line with the new customers’ tastes. Cultural erosion may occur due to the modification of cultural goods. So while being in NYC you actually buy a souvenir from China.


3D printed sculpture, resin, 35cm

Impression, ink on canevas, 50 x 40 cm